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The skeleton (Forgot) Pliny the Elder

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The "Skull Pliny". The skeleton of the great Roman writer was found in the early twentieth century Pliny the Elder (23-79 d.C.), writer, naturalist and Roman Admiral, was the most famous victim of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 d.C. submerged Pompei, Herculaneum and Stabiae. There is historical evidence that the man was engulfed by lava [...]

Orgies and incest: Rumors on Christians in Ancient Rome

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Persecution of Christians in Rome. The rulers spread the absurd rumor that they were addicted to orgies and incest Christianity has revolutionized the world and has been a major cause, as many scholars believe, the end of the Roman Empire, which for centuries it had based its power on principles antithetical to [...]

The Secret of Adrian Barba

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Bust of Hadrian. He was the first Roman emperor to wear beards Emperor Hadrian (76 d.C.-138 d.C.) It was the first ruler of Rome to wear beards, rather thick and curly, as we can see from the numerous busts portraying him and that we can still admire. Mainly cosmetic choice was due [...]

Flatulenze, Waste and other “refinements” Banquets in Ancient Rome

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A rich banquet in Ancient Rome. Flatulenze, belching, vomit and urine, with meals, The ancient Romans were the norm, as known, they were not masters of etiquette and the endless banquets that used to keep are a clear testimony. While it may seem impossible to believe, dirt and the bad [...]

Banquets in Ancient Rome: Slaves for collecting Vomiting

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A banquet in Ancient Rome. The Roman banquets were generally very long and full of indigestible flow "Spew be tested;, eaters may vomit", or "Vomit to eat, eat to vomit" Seneca is a phrase that very effectively sheds light on one feature, certainly not the end, banquets that were held in Ancient [...]

Doctors in Ancient Rome

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Roman Woman. In ancient Rome, in addition to medical men, there were good doctors tombs and funerary steles are a valuable mine of information about customs and traditions of ancient peoples and Roman ones are no exception. I would have thought that in Ancient Rome, in addition to male doctors, there were also expert doctors? This is proved [...]

The Assassination of Caius Gracchus: un'Altra version

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Assassination of Gaius Gracchus (painting by Félix Auvray) The one supplied by Plutarch is one of the most renowned and accredited assassination of Gaius Gracchus versions (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/10416/storia-antica/come-mori-caio-gracco-la-versione-di-plutarco), but it is not the only. According to another report even feasible, in 121 a.C., the courageous tribune of the people was captured alive along with the faithful slave Philocrates, the [...]

As He died Gaius Gracchus? The version of Plutarch

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The flight of Caius Gracchus Aventine One of the most reliable versions of Gaius Gracchus death is that related by Plutarch. According to historian, after embracing his wife one last time Licinia, who vainly he tried to dissuade him from surrender to those who had already killed his brother Tiberius, the tribune [...]

Entrepreneurs in Ancient Rome

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A Roman woman. The women of ancient Rome at times worked outside the home and were also entrepreneurs The ideal female Roman, as known, He was represented by the matron, whose only mission in life was to get married, generate and educate children according to the traditional values, but that does not mean that there [...]

The Dream Silla

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Lucio Cornelio Silla. It is said that it was a dream to score the success of his military and political career Ancient Romans tended to be superstitious and therefore careful to catch any warning signs coming from the most disparate events, Also from dreams. It is said that Lucius Cornelius Sulla, at a crucial time of [...]