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Strawberry Gelatin in Frost (by Artusi)

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Strawberry jelly After the oranges (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/10371/storia-contemporanea/gelatina-di-arancio-in-gelo-dallartusi), in this post you will find the original recipe of Pellegrino Artusi to prepare the strawberry jelly in frost, another sweet puddings presented in Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well, his famous culinary book that during the 800, and beyond, [...]

Orange jelly in Frost (by Artusi)

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Jelly oranges The recipe that I report is taken from the science of cooking and the art of eating well, famous text of the gastronome Pellegrino Artusi. It is a sweet: jelly orange frost. This is what is written: "Sugar grams 150, isinglass grams 20, water ounces 4, Alkermes [...]

A table with a Florentine Renaissance

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A table prepared Renaissance. A Florentine era never let go of good wine If we had the opportunity to sit at the table of an average of the Renaissance Florence, between the '400 and' 500, in full time Medici, What we might expect to eat? Almost certainly it would be served a plate of pasta, [...]

Delicate Sauce: Medieval Christmas Recipe

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medieval Kitchen. The delicate sauce was used to flavor the boiled fish The following is a recipe for simple implementation shown on English cookbook The forms of Cury, whose first publication dates back to 1390, a text that marked, time, a milestone in the history of Anglo-Saxon and European gastronomy [...]


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Tortelli After a little 'break back posting on history pills cooking recipes taken by Artusi, or "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well" Pellegrino Artusi, that long, successful. This time I chose the recipe for homemade tortelli, that carryover below textually: [...]

Old Recipes: a Apicius Dolce

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Sweets in Ancient Rome. In this sweet Apicius also appears "garum", sauce made of fish Apicius Marcus Gavius (25 a.C.-37 d.C.), first great gastronome antiquity, suggests the following recipe to make a cake: "Toast pine nuts and walnuts peeled; mix with honey, pepe, garum, latte, eggs, a little pure wine and [...]

Recipes of Ancient Rome: Salsa Apicius White

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The fish was the key ingredient of "garum", your favorite sauce from Roman The following recipe is taken verbatim from the De re coquinaria of Apicius, considered the first great chef in history. the sauces, in general, They were much loved by the Romans, who used to accompany almost any dish; the sauce [...]

Chicken with Marsala, Recipe by Artusi

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The recipe "Chicken with Marsala" It is taken by Artusi After some time I go back to post recipes taken directly by Artusi, that long, successful blog. For those who do not know or do not remember, "Artusi" It is an abbreviation with which the cookbook Science is commonly known in the kitchen and the Art of [...]

A Table in Renaissance Italy: What you ate?

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A table in the Renaissance: a "rich" banquet where you can see fruit and eggs What he brought to the table in Italy between the '400 and' 500? What were the most popular foods? Also with regard to the Renaissance, as for any other historical period, you need to make a distinction between [...]

Prehistory: The Discovery of Cheese

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prehistoric Kitchen. The cheese was a discovery almost certainly random Cheese is one of those foods that accompany mankind since the dawn of civilization. Most scholars believe that its origins date back to prehistoric times, when it was discovered by accident (as it happened, just to make a [...]