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Maria Stuarda Breaks Tradition and Bride White Dress

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Mary Queen of Scots in white wedding gown 24 April 1558 Maria Stuarda (1542-1587) He married the Dauphin of France, Then the king by the name of Francis II, She is wearing a dress which sparked immediate outcry for a reason that our eyes looks rather bizarre: it was white. In reality, before her, già la principessa [...]

Empire: Fashion Female in Napoleonic Period

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Josephine Beauharnais, Napoleon's first wife, with a dress "Empire style" The French women's fashion of the First Empire, from 1804 al 1814, He diverged greatly from the previous one: via trappings, laces, damasks, wigs and exaggerated widths (basti pensare al panier http://www.pilloledistoria.it/2583/storia-moderna/moda-femminile-700-panier), it became much more simple and convenient. Generally, quello che passerà [...]

Powder Mummy as Medicine

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Mummy of Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II Without the proper knowledge and its means to address and resolve diseases, no wonder that the requirements of the most ancient medicine today appear very bizarre and definitely not credible (Here you find some examples: http://www.pilloledistoria.it/8681/medioevo/medicina-medievale-cosi-si-curavano-le-emorroidi e http://www.pilloledistoria.it/9002/storia-antica/medicina-nellantica-roma-cure-bizzarre-calcoli-renali). In the Middle Ages spread the belief that the powder [...]

Male Underwear: Brief History of Braghetta

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Portrait of a man of the '500 (the work is Il Parmigianino) wearing a flashy "codpiece" During the '500 spread among men the use of an item of underwear (but not too much) rather peculiar and downright risqué, the codpiece, which we can be considered the ancestor of the modern jock. It was a kind [...]

Fashion of the '400 Male: Panties to Vista

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Men's fashion of the '400 (by Giovanni di Ser Giovanni): separate socks with pants "to view" In the picture attached you can see a detail of The game civettino, by Giovanni di Ser Giovanni (1406-1486), brother of the more famous Masaccio; The painting dates from 1450 and it shows us an interesting insight into life [...]

Calzabraga: i “Leggings” (Men) '400

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Adoration of the Magi by Luca Signorelli (particular): the two young men depicted wearing the typical calzabraga fifteenth What you see in the image is reproduced in a particular Adoration of the Magi (1495) Luca Signorelli: the two portraits boys wearing the typical calzebraghe then fashionable. Practically, as can be seen, it was true [...]

The dead “comfortable” Maria Theresa of Austria

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Portrait of Maria Theresa of Austria Skillful policy, most honest and intelligent woman in private and public life, Maria Theresa of Austria (1717-1780), Empress of Austria, wife of Francis Stephen of Lorraine and loving mother of well 16 sons, including Marie Antoinette of France and Maria Carolina of Naples (see also: http://www.pilloledistoria.it/10633/storia-moderna/maria-teresa-daustria-madre-amorevole-e-severa-un-aneddoto), despite the undoubted shown seriousness [...]

Loving Mother Maria Teresa of Austria and Severa: an Anecdote

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Portrait of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria The great Austrian empress Maria Teresa (1717-1780) had from the beloved husband, Francis Stephen of Lorraine well 16 sons and, a differenza di quanto di solito accadeva all'epoca nelle famiglie di così alto lignaggio, si occupò della loro educazione personalmente in modo attento ed assiduo, even modeling it on their personal attitudes, [...]

Catherine the Great died on the Toilet Mug?

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Portrait of Catherine the Great On the death of Catherine the Great, this la Grande, They circulated immediately uncontrolled gossip in the obscene and laughable (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/10610/storia-moderna/caterina-la-grande-un-pettegolezzo-a-luci-rosse-sulla-sua-morte), including the chatter according to which the sovereign had died on the toilet bowl. But was it really so? No, in truth the Empress was hit by a stroke [...]

Catherine the Great: Gossip in a “Red lights” on His Death

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Catherine the Great on horseback Catherine II of Russia, clever enough politically to be remembered as "the big one", He died suddenly at the age of 67 years while, in their rooms, He was busy changing clothes, almost certainly suffered a stroke. The news of the Empress's disappearance was not slow to spread in European courts, giving rise to [...]