second Course: such were the favorites in the Renaissance?

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Renaissance Meal. The main courses were mostly meat What were the second most frequent dishes and loved the Renaissance? This era was characterized by the profound changes that riguardarono, also, the culinary field. The food was varied and innovative Renaissance, very different from that of previous centuries. The discovery of the New [...]

Sugar: Obsession of the Renaissance Italian Kitchen

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Food in the Renaissance cuisine Sugar was the Renaissance Italian cooking a real obsession. Practically, it was added to any dish. From appetizers to desserts, through the first, the seconds and contours, there was no dish that foresaw a generous sprinkling. In reality, there were many [...]

Bowls Filled Water on Renaissance Tables: What they were needed to?

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Some typical furnishings of a Renaissance feast. There were also bowls to wash your hands if you happen to see paintings depicting the great and typical Renaissance banquets, you have certainly noticed the presence of bowls. No meals, but just filled with water bowls. Well, have you ever wondered what they were? A [...]

Napkins on Plate: When and why were Invented?

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Table set Towels made their first appearance on the tables during the '500. the purpose, it seems obvious to us, It was to give diners a piece of cloth to clean the mouth and hands. At this point the question arises: as it did before their invention? [...]

Potato: when and how he arrived on European tables?

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In the left pane portrait of Antoine Parmentier The potato belongs to the large group of food arrived in Europe after the discovery of America. But when, precisely, it came on the tables of the Old Continent? Late in reality, only in full '700, although its official entry had already occurred in 1570. It was then [...]

Gamble: The Other Passion of Giacomo Casanova

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Portrait of Giacomo Casanova Left known as incurable womanizer, Giacomo Casanova had, besides women, another passion: gambling. Nothing unusual actually for a Venetian doc like him, because the vice was an integral part of the beautiful lagoon city charm, whose inhabitants, always, could not resist [...]

Truffle in History: Recipe of the Crepes with Black Truffle

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Crepes The truffle has always had a prestigious role at the table (see In this post I present the ancient recipe to prepare the tasty pancakes with black truffles, all to try. Here's how to do them. Ingredients (per 4 people): 250 ml of milk, 125 gr. made with flour, 2 eggs, 150 gr. cooked ham [...]

Wafer rolls Toscani: Recipe of Lorenzo the Magnificent Kitchen

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A humorous take of Lorenzo the Magnificent The following is not a recipe any, since to suggest it is Lorenzo the Magnificent. Evidently, the great ruler of Florence and the Italian Renaissance is also intended to gastronomy. Here is what he writes in the Canzona de 'cialdoni on how to prepare Tuscan cialdoni, tipical desserts [...]

Gotta, Disease of the Rich

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Piero de Medici, father of Lorenzo the Magnificent, say "The Gouty" Gout is a disease that afflicted many famous people from the past. He suffered, among others, Henry VIII, Medici (see, Luigi XIV (see and perhaps Columbus (see It is an acute inflammatory form that affects the joints, specially [...]

Dagger or Poison: How it killed during the Renaissance?

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Speziale. At these ancient pharmacies are sold, under the table, Also the poison, otherwise there was the dagger The Renaissance aristocrats have remained famous for the ease with which one of the enemies sbarazzavano, but as killing? The weapons "favorite" were essentially two: the dagger and the poison, with a predilection for the second (see [...]