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Ludovico il Moro: after 5 Centuries Body Found in France?

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Portrait of Ludovico, Duke of Milan may be of Ludovico il Moro the remains found in the collegiate church of Saint Orso in Loches, in central France. Former Milan lord died in this town in 1508 prisoner of King Louis XII. During the restoration works carried out in the building, four ancient tombs have been found, [...]

Gioconda: that's why it's right that he is in France

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The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Although many are convinced that the Mona Lisa was stolen from Italy, in reality it is legitimately France. The confusion arises because, actually, Napoleon's soldiers plundered our country (and not only) the many works of art, only partially returned after [...]

Birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci: The Origins of Genius

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Birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci in Anchiano (BE) The birthplace of Leonardo is located in Anchiano, about 3 kilometers from Vinci, in the province of Florence. It is a typical country house of stone, of simple and linear form, which it rises by an expanse of olive trees gently [...]

Last Letter of Marie Antoinette before the Gallows: Text and Curiosity

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Last letter from Marie Antoinette (original text) The last letter of Marie Antoinette, written by the former queen of France just hours before climbing the steps of the guillotine, It is kept in the National Archives of the Hotel de Soubise. The document, as well as poignant, It is crucial to understand the character of its author. It deals with, in [...]

Gamble: The Other Passion of Giacomo Casanova

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Portrait of Giacomo Casanova Left known as incurable womanizer, Giacomo Casanova had, besides women, another passion: gambling. Nothing unusual actually for a Venetian doc like him, because the vice was an integral part of the beautiful lagoon city charm, whose inhabitants, always, could not resist [...]

Christmas Dinner at the Court of Ivan the Terrible: a Resounding Menu

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Banquet sixteenth. The Christmas dinner 1557 in Russia at the court of the Tsar Ivan the Terrible, remained memorable Christmas dinner of 1557 the court of Russia has remained memorable for the glitz and the amazing menu. The power was in the hands of the Tsar Ivan the Terrible, at the time married to [...]

Bernardo Bandini Baroncelli: Leonardo “Photographer” a death sentence

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Bernardo Bandini Baroncelli hanged. Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci The dangling body that you see in the drawing is to Bernardo Bandini Baroncelli, while the author of the work is Leonardo da Vinci. As can be seen, it is a tragic time fixed forever on paper, that the hanging of a man. But who was Bernardo [...]

Childhood of Lucrezia Borgia: He grew up where and how the Pope's Daughter?

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Lucrezia Borgia in the TV series "I Borgia". The childhood of Lucrezia Borgia was, as far as we know, rather serene How was the childhood of Lucrezia Borgia, one of the most talked about women (and slander?) of history? This beautiful little blonde girl destined to wreak havoc in the sacred Vatican palaces, He was born in 1480 a Subiaco, near Rome, [...]

Michelangelo Buonarroti and Lorenzo the Magnificent: an Anecdote

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The young Michelangelo sculpted the head of a faun How they met Michelangelo and Lorenzo the Magnificent? In this regard has been around for centuries an anecdote. It is said that the great patron was walking across the green gardens of San Marco when, rimastone deeply impressed, He stopped to admire a magnificent carved head of a faun [...]

Lady with an Ermine: The Secret in the Leonardo Framework

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Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo (details) Leonardo da Vinci loved to embed images in his paintings and words, creating intricate puzzles still largely mysterious: Lady with an Ermine is no exception (you see: . One of the best known works of the Tuscan genius fact, It is not without its symbols and signs [...]