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puffy Eyes: Two Recipes to Start Natural '900

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Advertising "vintage" I quote from the manual of health and beauty to be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906), two recipes and some tips to remedy the problem of puffy eyes. The text reads: "When the eyes are swollen they particularly recommend light massages: Castor oil gr.5 Vaseline gr.5 Olive oil gr.5 Tannin [...]

Lipstick Nail Make-It-Yourself Home '900: Original Recipe

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Nail Art 30's The following is a recipe for preparing a cream polish with natural ingredients (also see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/4949/storia-contemporanea/smalto-per-unghie-1906). E 'comes from a hand hygiene and beauty 1906, To be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano), rage at our great grandmothers. I quote: "When the nails are brittle, [...]

Toothpaste Carbone Do-It-Yourself Home '900: Original Recipe

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Vintage Advertising. The toothpaste coal whitened teeth After a long time I return to post of pills History natural health and beauty recipes taken from To be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906), Manual well known from the beginning of the twentieth century ladies. The following is the recipe to prepare at home [...]

Gotta, Disease of the Rich

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Piero de Medici, father of Lorenzo the Magnificent, say "The Gouty" Gout is a disease that afflicted many famous people from the past. He suffered, among others, Henry VIII, Medici (see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/9738/storia-moderna/perche-piero-de-medici-detto-gottoso), Luigi XIV (see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/9610/storia-moderna/luigi-xiv-vino-aromatizzato-curare-la-gamba-del-re) and perhaps Columbus (see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/8890/storia-moderna/gotta-poliartrite-reumatoide-cosa-soffriva-cristoforo-colombo). It is an acute inflammatory form that affects the joints, specially [...]

The Look of Oscar Wilde

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The eccentric look of Oscar Wilde Egocentric, quirky and ingenious, Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) It is one of the most famous in history dandy. Irish, son of an eye doctor and a poet, in the writer's life, one of the greatest of contemporary literature, It is also famous for the original way of dressing (http laws://www.pilloledistoria.it/4283/storia-contemporanea/sorriso-guasto-oscar-wilde). But what it was [...]

Sane (Very bad and) Eating Habits in the Napoleonic Era

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A table prepared. Generally, the eating habits of the French peasants in the Napoleonic era became healthier, but still existed some bad habit of the past In principle, the conditions of life in the French countryside during the Napoleonic Empire improved in various aspects, including food, and farmers began to [...]

Vintage Furniture: Psyche

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Psyche by vintage room umbertina If you're lucky enough to have inherited family, antique markets you can still find one of the furnishings that had more anger in Europe over 800: the psyche. Never heard of it? The appearance, however,, I'm sure, You know it all: this term [...]

Hiroo Onoda: The soldier did not wanted to Surrender

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Hiroo Onoda The following article was sent to pills of History by the site operator www.libripdf.com and concerns Hiroo Onoda, a character, namely a soldier, to be discovered. Enjoy the reading. Hiroo Onoda The elder 15 August 1945, Emperor Hirohito announced Japan's surrender, the dropping of the bomb had decreed their [...]

Lingerie “Frozen” di Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe. The actress he used to keep in the freezer then wore lingerie from consummate diva and famous women for attractiveness, Marilyn Monroe knew how to preserve what Mother Nature had generously given: a physical fantastically feminine. The breast was perhaps his greatest strength and actress point [...]

Milano: Traces on Alessandro Manzoni

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Casa Manzoni in Milan One of the most interesting cultural tour that Milan has to offer the visitor, It is one of the places where he did most of Alessandro Manzoni of life, the greatest modern Italian writer and one of the most illustrious artists and intellectuals of all time. Fortunately Milan preserves [...]