“Cesso”: because the Cabinet is also called So?

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Former cabinet "Cesso" It is a word that we all know and use not only to define commonly swim, but also as a synonym for something (or someone) that we find unpleasant. Well, have you ever wondered where to derive this term? Do you know its origin? Actually there is nothing behind [...]

Words of love: the 10 the Belle of Italian Literature

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The words of love never go out of fashion: They were wonderful in the past, are the time Facebook and Twitter and will be in the future. The love, and to, rules the world, It gives meaning to life and constitutes one of the main leitmotif of Literature of each era. The Italian Literature in particular, includes poets [...]

Calendar: the most Important Stages of its History

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The calendar is an object that is part of our daily life and we are quick to reperirne a copy near the end of the year (After the summer we will have to look for the new Calendar 2020). It is difficult to think how his story is long and complex: ripercorriamone briefly the main stages. [...]

Film Red Light: when it was Prime Screened in Italy?

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Female Nude start '900. It dates back to 1901 the first showing of a movie at red lights in Italian The first film red light was shown in Italy on the evening of 25 October 1901 (also see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/7172/storia-contemporanea/anna-fallarino-in-casati-stampa). The event, as you can imagine quite expected from a public quite pruritic, It took place in [...]

Grace Kelly: Unparalleled the Princess Grace of Monaco

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A beautiful first floor of Grace Kelly You want to know everything about Grace Kelly, the unforgettable Princess of Monaco, Former Hollywood actress and wife of Rainier III? Then read this article interesting biographical just arrived in History Pills. The princes of Monaco There are people who go down in history and [...]

Mushrooms Stewed: recipe (Easy) Pellegrino Artusi

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The kitchen of a time ... The stewed mushrooms are a classic contour, but you want to try them in the manner of Pellegrino Artusi? The recipe that I report below is taken from his famous book The Science of Cooking and the Art of Eating Well. verbatim: "For the wet are preferred those under [...]

Cauliflower-Use di Romagna: Treat Recipe from '”Artusi”

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The text of Pellegrino Artusi Cauliflower use of Romagna is one of many recipes taken from the text Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well by Pellegrino Artusi . I carry the recipe verbatim: "Divide a large ball of cauliflower, or two if they are small, in spiecchiettini that will wash and so [...]

Caravaggio: one of the most Sensational Theft of History

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Nativity with Saints Lawrence and Francis of Assisi, the work of Caravaggio stolen in Palermo in 1969 Saturday 18 October 1969 She was consumed in Palermo one of the most sensational theft of Art History. The event took place in the Oratory Church of San Lorenzo, in the city center. In the early afternoon, around three, due [...]

puffy Eyes: Two Recipes to Start Natural '900

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Advertising "vintage" I quote from the manual of health and beauty to be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906), two recipes and some tips to remedy the problem of puffy eyes. The text reads: "When the eyes are swollen they particularly recommend light massages: Castor oil gr.5 Vaseline gr.5 Olive oil gr.5 Tannin [...]

Lipstick Nail Make-It-Yourself Home '900: Original Recipe

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Nail Art 30's The following is a recipe for preparing a cream polish with natural ingredients (also see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/4949/storia-contemporanea/smalto-per-unghie-1906). E 'comes from a hand hygiene and beauty 1906, To be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano), rage at our great grandmothers. I quote: "When the nails are brittle, [...]