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Hiroo Onoda: The soldier did not wanted to Surrender

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Hiroo Onoda The following article was sent to pills of History by the site operator www.libripdf.com and concerns Hiroo Onoda, a character, namely a soldier, to be discovered. Enjoy the reading. Hiroo Onoda anziano Il 15 August 1945, l'Imperatore Hirohito annunciò la resa del Giappone, lo sgancio della bomba aveva decretato la loro [...]

Lingerie “Frozen” di Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe. The actress he used to keep in the freezer then wore lingerie from consummate diva and famous women for attractiveness, Marilyn Monroe knew how to preserve what Mother Nature had generously given: a physical fantastically feminine. The breast was perhaps his greatest strength and actress point [...]

Milano: Traces on Alessandro Manzoni

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Casa Manzoni in Milan One of the most interesting cultural tour that Milan has to offer the visitor, It is one of the places where he did most of Alessandro Manzoni of life, the greatest modern Italian writer and one of the most illustrious artists and intellectuals of all time. Fortunatamente il capoluogo lombardo conserva [...]

Diary of Anne Frank: Discoveries Pages “prohibited”

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Some pages of the Diary of Anne Frank The Anne Frank Foundation, with a tweet, announced the discovery of two pages so far remained unknown to the famous Diary of Anne Frank. Research conducted by two teams of experts, coordinated by the foundation itself, the original fact finding, now an old notebook and [...]

Shooting of Mata Hari

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Mata Hari At the end of a process far from fair, Sun, pseudonym of Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/10328/storia-contemporanea/mata-hari-breve-breve-biografia-della-spia-piu-sexy-tutti-tempi) He was sentenced to death by firing squad, and to no avail attempts to commute the sentence in a detention or use of the pardon. The execution took place on a cold and foggy morning autumn, the 15 October [...]

Being Magre in Victorian Period

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Women Victorian era. Being thin was an imperative of beauty which you could not escape Each historical period has its own aesthetic rules, but the thinness, almost always, it is an imperative to which it is difficult to escape. It was like that for the Victorian woman, which was to keep as much as possible [...]

Lose weight in the '30s: Seaweed Soap

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a soap advertisement for slimming The thinness is not an imperative of our times exclusive beauty, but its many other eras. In the 30s of last century, cosmetic research he developed a new product that promised to fight the pounds so miraculous: the soap [...]

Strawberry Gelatin in Frost (by Artusi)

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Strawberry jelly After the oranges (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/10371/storia-contemporanea/gelatina-di-arancio-in-gelo-dallartusi), in this post you will find the original recipe of Pellegrino Artusi to prepare the strawberry jelly in frost, another sweet puddings presented in Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well, his famous culinary book that during the 800, and beyond, [...]

Orange jelly in Frost (by Artusi)

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Jelly oranges The recipe that I report is taken from the science of cooking and the art of eating well, famous text of the gastronome Pellegrino Artusi. It is a sweet: jelly orange frost. This is what is written: "Sugar grams 150, isinglass grams 20, water ounces 4, Alkermes [...]

Sun: Brief Biography of light Sexiest of All Time

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Mata Hari was born in Holland in 1876 and his name was Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, but for the world she is and will always remain Mata Hari, "Eye of the day" in the Malay language, the most famous spy and sexy contemporary history. In 1895, a 19 years, Margaretha married a very senior officer of her, Rudolf MacLeod, He had two sons, but tired [...]