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The husbands of Nero

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Nerone. In addition to Three Wives, The Emperor also had 2 Nero did not love husbands and married women only (see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/7169/storia-antica/statilia-messalina-la-moglie-meno-conosciuta-di-nerone). The emperor was able to outbursts of love and impetuous, sometimes, also unscrupulous, even in a culture of free customs as was the Roman. In particular, the bizarre monarch lost his head for two men. The [...]

Because Caligula it called So? The Roman Caliga

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Caligola. The nickname came from the murky ', the typical Roman military footwear Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (12-41 d.C.), son of Germanicus, one of the bravest leaders and loved Ancient Rome (see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/4060/storia-antica/lamatissimo-germanico) ruler by the name of Gaius Caesar, It has gone down in history as Caligula, but why? The calighe were robust military worn sandals [...]

Destruction of Pompeii: 24 August the 24 October?

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Pompeii overwhelmed by the fury of Vesuvius; the destruction of the city occurred on 24 August or 24 October year 79 d.C. Pompeii was buried by lava of Vesuvius in 79 d.C., that's for sure, but the precise day of the event it is not clear: see why. Pliny the Younger described the frightening incident in two [...]

The skeleton (Forgot) Pliny the Elder

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The "Skull Pliny". The skeleton of the great Roman writer was found in the early twentieth century Pliny the Elder (23-79 d.C.), writer, naturalist and Roman Admiral, was the most famous victim of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 d.C. submerged Pompei, Herculaneum and Stabiae. There is historical evidence that the man was engulfed by lava [...]

Assassination of Gaius Gracchus: un'Altra version

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Assassination of Gaius Gracchus (painting by Félix Auvray) The one supplied by Plutarch is one of the most renowned and accredited assassination of Gaius Gracchus versions (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/10416/storia-antica/come-mori-caio-gracco-la-versione-di-plutarco), but it is not the only. According to another report even feasible, in 121 a.C., the courageous tribune of the people was captured alive along with the faithful slave Philocrates, the [...]

He died as Gaius Gracchus? The Famous Plutarch Version

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The flight of Caius Gracchus Aventine One of the most reliable versions of Gaius Gracchus death is that related by Plutarch. According to historian, after embracing his wife one last time Licinia, who vainly he tried to dissuade him from surrender to those who had already killed his brother Tiberius, the tribune [...]

The funeral of Julius Caesar

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Marco Antonio pronounce the funeral oration at the funeral of Julius Caesar's funeral of Julius Caesar, the victim of a conspiracy 15 March 44 a.C. while he was in the Senate, was a propaganda masterpiece developed by the skilful mind of Marco Antonio, became political heir of the dictator (Ottaviano was outside Rome). In the extreme attempt [...]

Gaius Apuleius Diocles, the “Lionel Messi” Ancient Rome

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The famous scene of the chariot race in the film "Ben Hur". The greatest charioteer in Rome was Caius Apuleius Diocles The football was of course far from being invented, but also the Ancient Rome had its Lionel Messi, wanting to understand this comparison with a sport only as good as rich: we refer [...]

The Assassination of Eliogabalo Narrated by Cassius Dio

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Face of Eliogabalo. Cassius Dio narrates the tragic murder Eliogabalo Let's say we put it all to be hated, but the end was really bloody, even sadder when you consider that involved a very young boy. Eliogabalo is remembered for being one of the worst emperors of ancient history [...]

The Death of Nero Narrated by Suetonius

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Death of Nero Nero The last moments of life recounted by Suetonius pen describe grotesque aspects in full harmony with the character, but also of dignity tips, culminating in a suicide, although it, according to historian, It was due more to fear than courage. This is the final part of the story of the writer-biographer: "Since each of [...]