Barbie and Ken in Ancient Greece

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One of the first models of the mythical Barbie Barbie game and his eternal boyfriend Ken is not the prerogative of our times: boys and girls of ancient Greece knew him and liked him already thousands of years ago. Witness a recent discovery (It dates back to a few months ago) has Parium [...]

Menstrual cramps: how they took care of Ancient Greece?

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A doctor visiting a woman in Ancient Greece. Menstrual pain is cured with natural remedies How cared menstrual pain in Ancient Greece? What could they do in those women to alleviate this disorder so widespread? Definitely evolved, if you take into account the historical period in question, in medicine and also in [...]

Gynecology in Ancient Greece: Recipe for Promoting Conception

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Gynecology: baby in utero (the press is the '700) The ancient Greeks were masters in the field of gynecology and of medicine in general, so it can be considered the founders of Western medical science (If you want to read an old prescription eye click here: ). Taking into account the time at which we refer, we can consider their [...]

Medicine in Ancient Greece: Erofilo Recipe for Treating Vista Problems

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Ancient medicine. The medicine of ancient Greece was, for the time, very advanced. Herophilus was a doctor who lived between the fourth and third centuries B.C.. The ancient Greeks were also masters in the medical field, in which distinguished excellent figures and theories were developed for the advanced age. Below I a recipe to cure [...]

Women of Ancient Greece: as combed?

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Ancient Greece: the hairstyle of the Venus de Milo Women of Ancient Greece cared very physical appearance and reserving much attention to the hair, symbol of feminine charm and infallible weapon of seduction in every age. Written sources, but also the countless depictions and sculptures come to us, allow us to become aware, at least [...]

Why they have the Greek Statues Small Penis?

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The Bronze Statues, also with a small penis you ever wondered why the Greek statues representing heroes, warriors, philosophy, eminent sports and still great characters, have visibly small penis? An answer to this question (that probably all we set) It was given by the scholar Andrew Lear, according to which [...]

Barbieri: Those were the first of the History of Ancient Greece

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Hair and beard in Ancient Greece The first barbers, shops or hairdressers strictly intended for a male audience, born in Ancient Greece. In a generally open and cultivated society like that but Greek, these premises were not only places where we took care of himself making his hair and beard, but real [...]

Pig with Stuffing…Particular

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An ancient greek struggling with a pig to eat. The pork was cooked in different ways as it may seem strange and rather disgusting, in ancient times, for every people, it was customary to bring to the table, with great satisfaction, dishes that today we do not dream of eating even under torture. With differences due to [...]

Hangover in Antiquity? Methods to Make it Move

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A banquet in Ancient Rome. The hangover was on the agenda every ancient people predicted his remedies to cure a hangover, some quite bizarre, at least to judge by the yardstick of today. I Romani, that were much pleasure-as is known and loved too the pleasures of the table, they were [...]

The Perfumes of the Greeks according Theophrastus

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Women of Ancient Greece with an incense. Theophrastus gives us information on fragrances in Greece Book "on smells" the philosopher and botanist Theophrastus greek (IV-III century BC), It is a valuable source of information and curiosity about the world of perfume in ancient Greece. From it we learn, Moreover, As essences and perfumes were kept in [...]