Louis IX, King of France: Discovery of the True Cause of His Death

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Portrait of Louis IX Louis IX What really died, became King of France, after the canonization, San Luigi? He, as known, He died under the walls of Tunis after the eighth crusade hit by an unspecified illness (also see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/4256/storia-antica/alessandro-magno-era-ubriacone). Historians agreed that it had been [...]

Franco Zeffirelli and Solita, Unbearable Hypocrisy Italian

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Franco Zeffirelli Franco Zeffirelli shuts down 96 years in his home in Rome and Italians discover that he was a great artist. Probably he never talked much about him, and certainly not in terms so enthusiastic, as in the last three days. A bad Italian habit, which unfortunately does not mention [...]

Ludovico il Moro: after 5 Centuries Body Found in France?

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Portrait of Ludovico, Duke of Milan may be of Ludovico il Moro the remains found in the collegiate church of Saint Orso in Loches, in central France. Former Milan lord died in this town in 1508 prisoner of King Louis XII. During the restoration works carried out in the building, four ancient tombs have been found, [...]

Engraved Penis 1800 Years Ago Found in Hadrian's Wall

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The penis found engraved in Hadrian's Wall, next, It has about the caricature 1800 years the penis engraved on the wall of a fortress adjacent to Hadrian's Wall, the great defensive wall that the emperor had it built in Britain (current UK) in defense of the Roman army. The archaeologists Newcastle, authors of the discovery, [...]

Birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci: The Origins of Genius

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Birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci in Anchiano (BE) The birthplace of Leonardo is located in Anchiano, about 3 kilometers from Vinci, in the province of Florence. It is a typical country house of stone, of simple and linear form, which it rises by an expanse of olive trees gently [...]

Ciocca of Leonardo da Vinci Hair will Analyzed and Exposed

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Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci's One of Leonardo da Vinci hair strand, or better considered as such, It will soon be analyzed to authenticate the origin. It will try to find in it traces of DNA illustrious personage. If the results are what you expected, thanks to them it will be possible to trace any descendants of the great artist and [...]

Ankylosing spondylitis Juvenile: the Leopardi Disease

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Elio Germano is Giacomo Leopardi in the film "Young Fabulous" Giacomo Leopardi was not suffering from depression or from bone tuberculosis, but juvenile ankylosing spondylitis. The great poet from Recanati would not be born sickly and deformed as we have always thought, but he would contract this genetic disease at a young age. Assertions [...]

Sindrome di Guillain-Barré: Alexander the Great was Buried Alive?

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Alexander the Great. The great Macedonian leader died, probably, because of Guillain-Barre syndrome Alexander the Great died because of the Guillain-Barré syndrome? The causes of premature death of the great Macedonian leader are an age-old mystery, New Zealand but this study could eventually solve it. So far it has been speculated around, dall'avvelenamento murder, by cirrhosis [...]

Man without hands and Dolphin found in the '500 Tomb. E’ a mistery

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Tomb of man found near a dolphin A man without hands was found buried in a tomb and, a short distance from him, even a dolphin. For scientists it's a real puzzle. The discovery was made in Chapelle Dom Hue, a pretty hard place to reach the island [...]

Celts: Heads Mozzate Enemies Use as trophies of victory

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Skulls of people who may have been beheaded by the Celts The Celts cut off the heads of fallen enemies and kept as trophies. This gruesome habit, described by some Roman authors, He had never found, till now, archaeological evidence that could confirm. The Romans also, as known, they used to "enrich" tales [...]