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VII Sec. d.C.: Care “Soft” for Hemorrhoids

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Treatment of Hemorrhoids in antiquity. In the seventh century. d.C. the Fiacro monaco proposed a cure "soft" compared to those generally in use In this post, which it refers to the Middle Ages, I wrote about how and why suffer from hemorrhoids at the time was by no means a walk: http://www.pilloledistoria.it/8681/medioevo/medicina-medievale-cosi-si-curavano-le-emorroidi. a brutal "tore up" (in the hope that the doctor was [...]

That Womanizer Charlemagne

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The drawing depicts Charlemagne with one of his most famous wives, Ermengarda. The monarch was an unrepentant womanizer Charlemagne, King of the Franks and skilled politician, He had a rather turbulent private life and was, as evidenced by the sources, an unrepentant womanizer. In fact large number of wives , five, Imiltrude, Desiderata, [...]

The Super Body of Charlemagne

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Portrait of Emperor Charlemagne. The monarch had an exceptional physical Emperor Charlemagne, according to the chronicles, He had an extraordinary physical, all that common in those days (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/1490/medioevo/laltissimo-carlo-magno). A detailed portrait of the monarch provides the noble Eginardo, Alcuin of York student, in his famous work Vita Karoli Magni, also known as Vita [...]

How was dressed Charlemagne?

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Charlemagne Despite the elevation of rank, Charlemagne had tastes pretty simple, also in clothing. Eginardo, Secretary of the sovereign, It informs us in detail about it, entering the following: "He was dressed in the national costumes of the Franks: to your body wore a linen shirt and linen pants; upstairs, a fringed tunic of silk and [...]

handsome: Process to the Pope…Dead!

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897: Cadaver Synod. Pope Formoso is found guilty during a trial "post mortem" Can you imagine anything more grotesque of a process to a standstill? In the Middle Ages this was happening even. The event has gone down in history as the "synod of the corpse" and it was set against Pope Formoso, expired on 4 [...]

Dracula: Character Real or invented?

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Dracula in a film adaptation of the 1931 The creepy Count Dracula is the protagonist of the gothic novel by Bram Stoker, published in 1897, therefore it is a literary character, for another great fortune (who does not know?). However the writer, to outline the physical and character traits of her child, he was inspired by [...]

The right of the first night: What was really?

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Lo right of the first night, Contrary to what many believe, it was only a fee due to the ladies What was, really, lo right of the first night? This standard in force for much of the medieval period, It does a bit 'of confusion. The majority of people, if you questioned about, He responds sure that it does not [...]

In the Middle Ages (Non) They burned the Witches

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Burning of witches in the Middle Ages were burning witches. They all take for granted, however the truth is otherwise. Actually clichés, beliefs and myths to debunk the Middle Ages (and not only) They are many and this is just one among the most popular. How things really are, therefore? I [...]

Prostitution in the Middle Ages: a Necessary Evil

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A typical medieval public bathroom, actually a place of prostitution was seen as prostitution in the Middle Ages? In principle badly, but in much less made. The sexual relations outside of marriage was considered sinful and therefore always wrong, but over time it became more tolerant (ed [...]

Fruit Cakes: Medieval Christmas Recipe

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A page "The Forme of Cury", English medieval recipe (1390) from which comes the fruit recipe of croquettes reported during the post The cooking recipe that carryover in this post is taken from The Forme of Cury, the most important medieval recipe English (first publication 1390); it is a [...]