To read (and Gifts and Treating yourself at Christmas): “The Christmas Truce of Ypres”

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book Cataldo Bevacqua Cover "The Christmas Truce of Ypres" With pleasure I report to readers of History Pills debut book of Cataldo Bevacqua [...]

Cannibalism in the Middle Ages: “The Fiero Meal” (with Video)

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Scenes of cannibalism few centuries ago reporting few days ago I received a book on a difficult subject, and the unusual and certainly: [...]

Mussolini e Churchill: the Correspondence that He Could Change '43

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Cover of the book of Mark Iacoponi "The correspondence Mussolini's secret" It received the report of a book I gladly propose to the readers of History Pills. [...]

Books: “Kitchen in the Middle Ages: Ingredients, Recipes and Food”

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Book cover "Middle Ages in the kitchen: ingredients, recipes and flavors" In pills History I always tried to give a lot of room to the kitchen of the past and the evolution of [...]