To read: Clare and Francis History

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Clare and Francis History, Chiara Frugoni, Einaudi's an interesting and pleasant book to read on two of the greatest personalities of our Middle Ages: Clare and Francis History, Chiara Frugoni, Einaudi. We are in Assisi, in the twelfth century: two young wealthy and educated, destined to inherit the privileges and honors [...]

Van Gogh: Suicide or Murder?

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Vincent Van Gogh in one of his many self-portraits The great Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh died on 29 July 1890, just 37 years, for the consequences of a wound in the chest that he himself, few days before, he had obtained in a suicide attempt fails. This at least version [...]

To read (and Gifts and Treating yourself at Christmas): “The Christmas Truce of Ypres”

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book Cataldo Bevacqua Cover "The Christmas Truce of Ypres" With pleasure I report to the History Pills readers the book of Cataldo Bevacqua debut The Truce of Ypres Christmas, published in December 2016, which tells in a light way, fascinating and enjoyable episode probably most moving of the Great War. [...]

Books: José Maria and Lady Diana in a Novel

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Rose Book Cover Santoro "José Maria and Lady Diana" (Arduino Sacco Editore) Among the most significant female characters of '900 can not be counted Maria Jose of Savoy and Lady Diana Spencer, which, although at different times, were the undisputed protagonists of the international public life. A History of pills is [...]

Anne Frank in Comics

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The cover of the comic book dedicated to Anne Frank (Mondadori) Little Anne Frank, over the past decades, It has become, unwillingly, the very symbol of an era and the horrors of Nazism. Now the tragic history of this unfortunate girl and her family, lives between the pages of the book to [...]

Anita Garibaldi in Comics

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Anita Garibaldi comic Custodio The comics can be an excellent resource for introducing children and young people to the understanding of history. A History of pills an exit sign came, tomorrow 17 November, a comic book dedicated to Anita Garibaldi, one of the 800 most representative Italian female characters, that [...]

Books: History “Vera” Pocahontas

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The beautiful Indian princess Pocahontas in the popular Disney movie time ago, for the site, I wrote a post a presentation of a book about Pocahontas, Indian Princess for centuries appreciated in the US, but only recently it becomes popular here too thanks to the Disney masterpiece dedicated to her. I propose again below the article: good [...]

Cannibalism in the Middle Ages: “The Fiero Meal” (with Video)

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Scenes of cannibalism few centuries ago reporting few days ago I received a book on a difficult subject, and the unusual and certainly: cannibalism in the Middle Ages. The eating of the flesh of other human beings, at least under certain circumstances, it was not, apparently, or a rare instance [...]

Mussolini e Churchill: the Correspondence that He Could Change '43

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Cover of the book of Mark Iacoponi "The correspondence Mussolini's secret" It received the report of a book I gladly propose to the readers of History Pills. The text, halfway between the historical-political essay and the novel, The correspondence is the secret Duce, Marco Iacoponi, interesting work and [...]

Books: “Kitchen in the Middle Ages: Ingredients, Recipes and Food”

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Book cover "Middle Ages in the kitchen: ingredients, recipes and flavors" In pills History I always tried to give a lot of room to the kitchen of the past and changes in the tastes and culinary culture in the centuries, therefore gladly point the release of a book about medieval cuisine cured by the Cultural The Gifts of the Muse [...]