The charm of the Savoy Women Show

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In the Castle of Racconigi (Cuneo), showcases the charm of the women of the House of Savoy House of Savoy, in its thousand years of history, He could often rely on the work of women intellectually valid, morally irreproachable and even fascinating is that the aesthetic character. In recent times, as known, They enjoyed huge [...]

A MondoJuve Arriva “Leonardo da Vinci Experience”

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Leonardo da Vinci Experience at MondoJuve The signal sent from Andrea Ferro History pills is pretty special for me, not the theme course, Per my rent, whose name, a grenade tifosissima, it is hard even to write ... But I have to do, the event is important and very interesting, therefore not [...]

Exhibition “Ei fu. Napoleon Bonaparte from Piedmont to Europe” a Cherasco (CN)

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Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte Today has come to History Pills, by Mr. Marco Buccino, reporting an exhibition of Napoleon Bonaparte to be held between March and June in Cherasco (CN). Carryover faithfully readers information about the event exactly as I have come.   Portrait of Napoleon. The [...]

“The Broken Key” Cinema from 16 November (with Video)

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The broken key, from 16 November in the halls with great pleasure that I report to readers of History pills the next release of the film The broken key, which will be in theaters from 16 November. Since the film has a bearing on the History and is therefore relevant to the subject matter in the blog, I provide [...]

The Egyptian Museum in Turin has to Remain!

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A hall of the Egyptian Museum of Turin The Egyptian Museum is the second most important historical and documentary world after the one in Cairo. The origin of the collection dates back to the '700 and today it is merely the result of private collections and archaeological finds [...]

Outgoing Cinema Movie “Homeland”

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A scene from the film "Homeland" In this post the exit point out the next 26 February in the halls of the film "Homeland", Felice Farina, based on the eponymous book by Henry Deaglio and starring Francis Pannofino, Roberto Citran and Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini. Below, in breve, the plot of the movie, which it is distributed by Istituto Luce-Cinecittà. The [...]

A Show Celebrate 75 Years Gone with the Wind

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A scene from Gone with the Wind. The green dress worn by Vivien Leigh / Scarlett O'Hara is among those visible in the exhibition The settacinquesimo birthday of Gone with the Wind, masterpiece Cinema screened for the first time in Atlanta 15 December 1939, is no event that could pass over in silence. Among the various initiatives promoted by [...]

In Turin on Cavour Traces

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Palazzo Cavour in Turin. Here the statesman was born and died back over the milestones of Cavour's political and private life is interesting and instructive experience. To do that you have to go in Turin, the statesman beloved hometown, which still retains the places and atmospheres in which Cavour lived and worked. The article [...]