Alberto Angela brings us to the discovery of Marie Antoinette

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The episode of Ulysses-The joy of discovery dedicated to Marie Antoinette who loves history and, in particular, Maria Antonietta, You can not miss the third episode of the new season of Ulysses-The joy of discovery, aired Saturday 5 October 2019 Rai Uno starting at 21.25. The evening fact, It is dedicated [...]

Basket: its history through the Big Screen. Movies Most Beautiful

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It is not as popular as football, but basketball is still one of the most popular sports in the world. Often she has starred in films: the following article, just arrived in History Pills, It provides an overview of the most famous. Space Jam, Michael Jordan At the turn of the 80s and [...]

Franco Zeffirelli and Solita, Unbearable Hypocrisy Italian

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Franco Zeffirelli Franco Zeffirelli shuts down 96 years in his home in Rome and Italians discover that he was a great artist. Probably he never talked much about him, and certainly not in terms so enthusiastic, as in the last three days. A bad Italian habit, which unfortunately does not mention [...]

Grace Kelly: Unparalleled the Princess Grace of Monaco

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A beautiful first floor of Grace Kelly You want to know everything about Grace Kelly, the unforgettable Princess of Monaco, Former Hollywood actress and wife of Rainier III? Then read this article interesting biographical just arrived in History Pills. The princes of Monaco There are people who go down in history and [...]

The doctors 2: Grand Finale

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Daniel Sharman and Bradley James are Lorenzo and Giuliano in The Doctors 2 It turns at the end of the 2-Medici Lorenzo the Magnificent, historical fiction that for a few weeks has kept millions of viewers glued to your video (see The last two episodes, the seventh and eighth, They will be aired Tuesday 13 November first [...]

The doctors 2: fifth Stake

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The 2-Medici Lorenzo the Magnificent. A scene After the success of the first two nights, Tuesday 6 November on Channel will air the fifth and the sixth episode of the television drama The Medici Lorenzo the Magnificent. The title number five is Ties. The Medici and Florence are experiencing a period of peace: love at last [...]

The doctors 2: Plot Fourth Stake

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Daniel Sharman is Lorenzo the Magnificent in the TV drama The Doctors 2 Synopsis of the fourth episode of the television drama The Doctors 2-Lorenzo the Magnificent (, by title "The blood money". A Volterra is found a field alum, a very valuable mineral for the processing of tissues. To avoid any conflict with [...]

The doctors 2: Plot Third Episode

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The 2-Medici Lorenzo the Magnificent The new season of the TV drama The Doctors 2-Masters of Florence ( It began tonight, Rai Uno, with the first two episodes. Below is the plot of the third installment, by title "Obstacles and Opportunities". After his election, New Pope Sixtus IV appoints Archbishop of Pisa Salviati, related to [...]

The doctors 2: Synopsis and Cast

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The doctors 2 After the success of the first (, now comes on TV the second season of The Doctors, fiction coprodotta, among others, Yes Lux Vide's Rai Fiction. The scripted is entirely focused on the figure of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Prince of Florence and undisputed protagonist of our Renaissance. This will be [...]