The doctors 2: Synopsis and Cast

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The doctors 2 After the success of the first (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/9110/cinema-tv-spettacolo/tv-arrivano-medici-signori-firenze), now comes on TV the second season of The Doctors, fiction coprodotta, among others, Yes Lux Vide's Rai Fiction. The scripted is entirely focused on the figure of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Prince of Florence and undisputed protagonist of our Renaissance. This will be [...]

Lingerie “Frozen” di Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe. The actress he used to keep in the freezer then wore lingerie from consummate diva and famous women for attractiveness, Marilyn Monroe knew how to preserve what Mother Nature had generously given: a physical fantastically feminine. The breast was perhaps his greatest strength and actress point [...]

“The young Karl Marx” Cinema from 5 April

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Poster of the film in the output 5 April "THE young Karl Marx" In this post you will find info and tips about the plot and cast of the film The young Karl Marx, as reported in pills from Inter Nos History (info@internosweb.it, facebook.com/internos.web e twitter.com/InterNosWeb). The film, director Raoul Peck, Oscar-nominated and BAFTA Award [...]

Ludwig II (and Sissi) According Luchino Visconti

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Ludwig II (Helmut Berger) and Sissi (Romy Schneider) in "Ludwig" Luchino Visconti The controversial and fascinating figure of Ludwig II of Bavaria has inspired numerous films, among the most famous of which is certainly the "Ludwig" by Luchino Visconti, film 1973 in which to pay the face, once beautiful, then swollen and unrecognizable, the unfortunate [...]

Rai Uno: Travel with Alberto Angela in between “wonders” of Italy

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  "wonders - Peninsula treasures" is the new Alberto Angela program Rai Uno 2018 on TV begins on culture: after some stunning New Year's Eve by the dance Roberto Bolle, Tonight begins the new program hosted by Alberto Angela, a journey through some of the most celebrated [...]

“The Broken Key” Cinema from 16 November (with Video)

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The broken key, from 16 November in the halls with great pleasure that I report to readers of History pills the next release of the film The broken key, which will be in theaters from 16 November. Since the film has a bearing on the History and is therefore relevant to the subject matter in the blog, I provide [...]

Tv: The doctors 2 it will do

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The cast of The Doctors. The doctors 2 It is scheduled for 2018 predictably, Also given the great success of the first season, The doctors 2 it will do. No coincidence that the last episode of the series, aired last night on Channel, It ended with the confidence of Lucrezia Tornabuoni, the mother-in-law [...]

In TV Arrive “The doctors: the Lords of Florence” (with Video)

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Dustin Hoffman in the new TV series "The doctors: the lords of Florence" A few more days and finally, from next 17 October Raiuno, will be forwarded to the first of eight episodes provided the blockbuster The Medici: the lords of Florence, focused on the epic of the Florentine family more than any other has influenced the [...]

Tv: an evening among the Wonders of the Egyptian Museum of Turin

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Tonight at the Egyptian Museum is hosted by Alberto Angela Given the success achieved following the first broadcast about a month ago, Rai Uno replication tonight at 21.25 Tonight the special to the Egyptian Museum, where Alberto Angela accompanies us, wandering among the wonders of the Egyptian Museum of Turin, in [...]