“The adventures of the heart” 1945

Basket: its history through the Big Screen. Movies Most Beautiful

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It is not as popular as football, but basketball is still one of the most popular sports in the world. Often she has starred in films: the following article, just arrived in History Pills, fa [...]

second Course: such were the favorites in the Renaissance?

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Renaissance Meal. The main courses were mostly meat What were the second most frequent dishes and loved the Renaissance? This era was characterized by the profound changes that riguardarono, also, [...]

Sugar: Obsession of the Renaissance Italian Kitchen

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Food in the Renaissance cuisine Sugar was the Renaissance Italian cooking a real obsession. Practically, it was added to any dish. From appetizers to desserts, through the first, [...]

Bowls Filled Water on Renaissance Tables: What they were needed to?

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Some typical furnishings of a Renaissance feast. There were also bowls to wash your hands if you happen to see paintings depicting the great and typical Renaissance banquets, you have certainly noticed the [...]

Ludovico il Moro: after 5 Centuries Body Found in France?

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Portrait of Ludovico, Duke of Milan may be of Ludovico il Moro the remains found in the collegiate church of Saint Orso in Loches, in central France. Former Milan lord died in this town [...]

Potato: when and how he arrived on European tables?

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In the left pane portrait of Antoine Parmentier The potato belongs to the large group of food arrived in Europe after the discovery of America. But when, precisely, it came on the tables of the Old Continent? [...]

Grace Kelly: Unparalleled the Princess Grace of Monaco

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A beautiful first floor of Grace Kelly You want to know everything about Grace Kelly, the unforgettable Princess of Monaco, Former Hollywood actress and wife of Rainier III? Then read this article interesting biographical just arrived [...]

Gioconda: that's why it's right that he is in France

By |May 12th, 2019|Anecdotes and curiosities, Events Characters Politics, Modern history|

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Although many are convinced that the Mona Lisa was stolen from Italy, in reality it is legitimately France. The confusion arises because, actually, [...]