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Louis IX, King of France: Discovery of the True Cause of His Death

By |14 September 2019|Events Characters Politics, Middle Ages, News|

Portrait of Louis IX Louis IX What really died, became King of France, after the canonization, San Luigi? He, as known, He died under the walls [...]

“Cesso”: because the Cabinet is also called So?

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Former cabinet "Cesso" It is a word that we all know and use not only to define commonly swim, but also as a synonym for something (or someone) that we find [...]

savoiardi biscuits: When were these Invented Biscuits?

By |10 August 2019|Anecdotes and curiosities, Middle Ages, Company Costumes Daily Life|

Biscuits Savoiardi Would you have said the Savoyards, the famous biscuits also used for the preparation of many homemade desserts, date back to the Middle Ages? To be precise the end [...]

Words of love: the 10 the Belle of Italian Literature

By |29 July 2019|Middle Ages, Ancient history, Contemporary history, Modern history|

The words of love never go out of fashion: They were wonderful in the past, are the time Facebook and Twitter and will be in the future. The love, and to, holds [...]

Calendar: the most Important Stages of its History

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The calendar is an object that is part of our daily life and we are quick to reperirne a copy near the end of the year (After the summer we will start [...]

Film Red Light: when it was Prime Screened in Italy?

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Female Nude start '900. It dates back to 1901 the first showing of a red-light films in Italy The first film was screened in red light [...]