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Tomba di Tutankhamon: a New and Unexpected Discovery

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The box containing the remains of the funerary equipment of Tutankhamun Perhaps the Tomb of Tutankhamun never stops revealing surprises (also see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/5481/storia-antica/quale-difetto-fisico-era-affetto-tutankhamon). Recently it was reported the discovery of a, O [...]

Last Letter of Marie Antoinette before the Gallows: Text and Curiosity

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Last letter from Marie Antoinette (original text) The last letter of Marie Antoinette, written by the former queen of France just hours before climbing the steps of the guillotine, It is kept in the National Archives [...]

Gamble: The Other Passion of Giacomo Casanova

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Portrait of Giacomo Casanova Left known as incurable womanizer, Giacomo Casanova had, besides women, another passion: gambling. Nothing unusual actually for a Venetian doc like him, as [...]

Sindrome di Guillain-Barré: Alexander the Great was Buried Alive?

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Alexander the Great. The great Macedonian leader died, probably, because of Guillain-Barre syndrome Alexander the Great died because of the Guillain-Barré syndrome? The causes of premature death are the great Macedonian leader [...]

Roman Emperors Pazzi in Cause of lead poisoning?

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Caligola. A Lead poisoning may have contributed to "madness" many Roman emperors Lead poisoning may have been the cause of the insanity of many Roman emperors? This is just a guess, [...]

Christmas Dinner at the Court of Ivan the Terrible: a Resounding Menu

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Banquet sixteenth. The Christmas dinner 1557 in Russia at the court of the Tsar Ivan the Terrible, remained memorable Christmas dinner of 1557 the court of Russia has remained memorable [...]

Single in Ancient Rome: Marriage Seen as a Hassle

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Betrothed in Rome. Single people in Ancient Rome were few, but only for practical reasons There were singles in Ancient Rome or all were to be married? Despite substantial changes between age and the other, non [...]

Bernardo Bandini Baroncelli: Leonardo “Photographer” a death sentence

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Bernardo Bandini Baroncelli hanged. Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci The dangling body that you see in the drawing is to Bernardo Bandini Baroncelli, while the author of the work is Leonardo da Vinci. As can be seen, [...]

Mushrooms Stewed: recipe (Easy) Pellegrino Artusi

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The kitchen of a time ... The stewed mushrooms are a classic contour, but you want to try them in the manner of Pellegrino Artusi? The recipe that I report is taken from his famous [...]