The “combing the Giulia” launched and made famous by the daughter of the Emperor Titus. His hair was curly forehead and held the back in a sort of “donut”

Flavia Giulia Augusta, daughter of Tito, It is remembered especially for the incestuous and tragic entertained relationship with uncle Domiziano (, But in his short life, this beautiful and unfortunate Princess, also he had the opportunity to experience lighter and fun experiences.

For a long time, eg, Giulia in fact dictated the rules of fashion at court and beyond, making itself the most admired and imitated woman in Rome.

His forte was always represented by the display of new hairstyles and ever more elaborate; among the many, you can not help but mention one that included a cascade of curls (many of whom hairpieces) falling on his forehead, while the rest of the hair was carefully coiled and retained on the back of the head by a bun.

This look He received a resounding success, so much so that the city was not a woman who did not want, she too, show off combing “the Giulia” (Photo gives: