art of cooking of Scappi Opera Illustration. Nel ricettario si parla anche di una "pizza" very different from what we know today

art of cooking of Scappi Opera Illustration. In the cookbook it is also talk of a “pizza” very different from what we know today

In his famous Opera art of cooking (1570), the great Renaissance chef Scappi quotes and offers a recipe for “pizza” (It is he to call it by that name in referring it Naples: “gives’ Neapolitan pizza called”), that little, or let's say nothing, It has to do with what we now know and appreciate.

Evidently, this kind of paste a little’ in laborious procedure and prepared with a mix of ingredients for us unusual, He responded well to those who were the dictates of the sixteenth-century gastronomy, in which amalgam and bittersweet They were widely used, but it would hardly be feasible (and edible) today.

To make the pizza according to the recipe Scappi, needed almonds, raisins, Pine nuts, dates and figs by stepping all together in a mortar with the addition of rose water, up to create a homogeneous mixture.

To it were then added Egg yolks, cinnamon powder, sugar, mostaccioli Neapolitans reduced to fine crumbs and some more’ rose water.

The whole was mixed to form a dough thickness of approximately a finger and fired in a baking tin previously greased with butter.

On this “base”, arose food of various types (Photo gives: