Anastasia Romanova

Anastasia Romanova

That the fate touched to Anastasia Romanova (1901-1918), Italianate in Anastasia, fourth daughter of Nicola II and the Empress Alessandra, He represented one of the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century, for they were many who believe that the young woman, no one knows how ploy, It had saved dall'eccidio that on the night of 17 and the 18 July 1918 He had killed his family.

Difficult, almost impossible to believe that anyone would be able to escape the murderous rage of blind Bolsheviks, but thought, as most plausible hypothesis, that jewels sewn inside the dress with the intent to prevent theft corsage, They had formed an impenetrable shield against the rain of projectiles launched on Romanov; someone an unidentified, afterwards, He would definitely brought the girl to safety.

For decades the question was fueled by the lack of knowledge of the burial place of the imperial family and the appearance of several women who claimed to be the Grand Duchess; one of them, tale Anna Anderson, He managed for some time to be talked about and fill the pages of the newspapers, until it made sure that it was actually a Polish escaped from a German psychiatric hospital.

What really happened, therefore, the real Anastasia?

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, It was not even the secret on the remains of the Romanovs, found near Ekaterinburg, dove Lenin he wanted them to be thrown; the analyzes carried out it confirmed the identity, but it is ascertained that two bodies were missing completely, those of Maria and small Alexei, just thirteen years old at the time the.

The latter dissolved in doubt 2008, when the bodies of the two unfortunate young men were found in a place not far from the one in which they were buried roughly those of family members.

In light of the then discovered, Today we know with certainty that the beautiful and innocent Anastasia was caught by the same tragic fate of his relatives; in July 1918, when he was killed, He had just seventeen years (Photo gives: