Chi uccise Giovanni Borgia?

Non si sa.

Questi i fatti così come li riportano le cronache dell’epoca.

La morte tragica e misteriosa di Giovanni Borgia

On a warm June evening of 1497, After a lavish dinner, Giovanni (Juan) Borgia, illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI and its historical lover Vannozza trends, He vanished into thin air, procuring no little concern within the family (the enemies of the Borgias even there were more).

Concern gave way to the deepest despair when, a few days later, the young man's body, He insulted by several strokes of knife, He emerged from the waters of the Tiber.

The hypothesis of murder during a robbery, una pratica all’ordine del giorno nella Roma di allora, It was immediately rejected.

Giovanni infatti, era stato ritrovato abbigliato di tutto punto e, mostly, wearing many gold coins, too attractive booty because any adventurer could give it up.

So, chi aveva assassinato il ragazzo e perché?


Alessandro, genuinely desperate for the loss of her son, He could not calm and tried in every way to find the culprit, but without coming to nothing.

But maybe he just had to look around.

Le indagini e i sospetti su Cesare

A few hours after recovery of the body of Juan, rumors began to circulate in the city, not so veiled, who committed the heinous crime had been Cesare.

The rest, si trattava di un uomo talmente avvezzo a violenze e bassezze di ogni tipo, it is now regarded as the inventor and first author of any villainy were accomplished in the capital.

Nor it was wrong very, because Caesar was actually a person amoral and ruthless, but enough to desire the death of his own brother?

It is not unlikely, also by virtue of the relationship much more than simply confrontational or competitive which was always elapsed between the two.

Caesar had always felt an insane hatred and jealousy to the limits of paranoia towards his brother John, of which resented that, as firstborn, It was intended to honor the arms and temporal power, mentre lui avrebbe dovuto accontentarsi di una assai più noiosa carriera ecclesiastica.

Cesare inoltre, considerava il fratello maggiore un inetto baciato dalla fortuna, an incompetent whose benevolent fate had reserved undeserved honors, the same ones who felt he deserved for himself but he would never have.

Instead Juan suddenly died and this made it possible to Caesar the much needed political and military career.

If it is true that after centuries the murder of Giovanni Borgia remains a mystery because the culprit was never found, It is just as likely that he was much closer to Alexander VI than the pope himself imagined (Photo gives: wikipedia.org e sho.com).