Many creams early '900 were made from glycerin

Many creams early '900 were made from glycerin

I cosmetics ready for sale at the supermarket and in perfumery are effective and safe comfortable, but sometimes it can be fun to do it yourself by following Ancient beauty recipes already perfectly lapped by grandmothers, as the cream hand glycerin-based I point out that in this post, is, as I have always done so far, the old manual To be Belle (Sonzogno, Milano) of the 1906.

The glycerin It is a naturally emollient substance and restorative, that for such properties is always abundantly used in cosmetics.

I quote:

"Glycerin is excellent for preserving the beauty of the hand, and I I recommend the following preparation with which frizionerete hands, after washing with hot water:

Glycerin gr.25

Tartaric acid gr.5

Small grain Essence gr.0,50″.

What better time of bitter cold these days to try? (Photo gives: