Woman's Face (beginning of '900). The skin is cared for with natural methods

Woman's Face (beginning of '900). The skin is cared for with natural methods

Since usually Beauty Manual To be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906), I report some useful advice to care for and maintain the best oily skin; the text indicates those who at the time were considered the best remedies in this regard and suggests lotions and creams to prepare at home.

"To do well to oily skin astringent and absorbent powders used in moderation. In a word, oily skin are to be treated with methods almost opposed to those that are suited for dry skin. The alcohol, the lemon, the borace, the egg is generally the basis of the classical treatment of oily skin. The decoctions of lavender flowers, of rose petals, the tea leaves are also very favorable to oily skin. Here she is recipe an excellent lotion that can be used several times a day:

water 1 liter

Rose petals punch

Spring flowers a punch

Roots of serpentaria 25 gr.

Boil for fifteen minutes and flows.

To tighten the pores to make frequent cold showers skin.

The following will agree to oily skin cream:

gr.1000 of Rose water

bulb juice giglio gr.20

White Wax gr.30

Tincture of benzoin Gr.10

Frequently wash your skin morning and evening with water prepared according to the following formula toilet:

Distilled water 250 gr

Alum pulverized Gr.6

Baking soda gr.1

Essence 6 drops of violet " (Photo gives: paperblog.com).