"La cucina" Vincenzo Campi (1508 circa)

“The kitchen” Vincenzo Campi (1508 circa)

The painting, especially if large, He is able to exercise over us incredible magic, to take us back in time instantly catapulting actually, environments, eras and situations that otherwise would not have the opportunity to know.

It is a clear example “The kitchen“, the work of Vincenzo Campi you see in photo, that retracts so realistic and detailed a typical Italian cuisine at the end of the sixteenth century (1580 circa), from which we can learn important elements of traditions and customs of the period depicted, reliving part of atmospheres and feelings.

What immediately strikes already to a first, quick viewing, and the very festive and lively atmosphere of the scene in the foreground, occupied by a large number of people and objects, as opposed to the bottom, where under an arch, It relaxes still quiet and silent another image, constituted by a neatly laid table waiting for a banquet that soon the animate.

This is certainly a kitchen “high“, probably belonging to a rich gentleman of the, where it is preparing a hearty lunch, perhaps ceremonial.

It is also known from Food wealth which will be served on the table, so much meat, mainly poultry but not only, and the high number of persons engaged, in majority women, quite rare at a time when the chef par excellence were male, while on the table prepares a puff pastry that will serve, probably, to do the stuffed pasta.

Regarding furniture, we can notice a remarkable size room where more than the sparse furnishings and essential part of them being in the middle a large wooden table, hits the extraordinary amount of utensils and kitchen utensils, constituted by plates, pots, ladles, knives and bowls of various materials and sizes.

It is impossible not to notice the presence finally Cat and dog contending some offal, a scene that is unlikely we would see in a kitchen today. (photo: settemuse.it)