Toilet of the Roman matron (da Wikipedia)

Toilet of the Roman matron (da Wikipedia)

The Romans were accustomed to a'personal hygiene rather assiduous, feature not obvious among ancient peoples and attributed special importance to’oral hygiene: the mouth should be clean and shiny teeth.

The “toothpaste” the most popular was a paste made of baking soda, a substance naturally detergent, disinfectant and mild bleaching effect.

However there were those who preferred to brush your teeth with…l'urine, according to a tradition imported from the populations of Spain and North Africa; it was rubbed on the teeth and used for real gargle (!!!).

Perhaps, however,, despite the goodwill, the Roman remedies for oral hygiene not sortivano the desired effect if it is true that, according to what is left written several Latin authors, most of them were present with the hopelessly broken teeth.

And then there was breath, put a strain on the eating habits, too rich in both quality and quantity.

As a workaround, the Romans made extensive use of scented pads chewing possibly after (lavish) certainly. (Photo gives: