Geli Raubal e Hitler

Geli Raubal e Hitler

Some of the (several) lovers Adolf Hitler They were united by a tragic fate: as well as Eva Braun, who took his own life with a cyanide capsule immediately after married, same fate had befallen before her Geli Raubal and the Unity Mitford, two fragile women and probably subdued by the strong personality of leader, who loved to the most extreme suffering.

Angelika Raubal, this Geli, It was actually nephew of Hitler, as the youngest daughter of the sister Angela.

The first meeting with his uncle was when she was a nineteen year old college student at the Faculty of Medicine and lived in a modest studio apartment for rent in Monaco; Geli in this period he met and fell in love with Emil Maurice, driver Hitler.

The young man carried with him a solid reputation of womanizer who did not like to leader, which forced him to break off the relationship and, even, He fired him.

The end of the story with Emil, as expected, provoked soul sensitive Geli a sense of anxiety and discomfort that Uncle bother to soothe with their closeness, dimostrandole filling it with affection and attention, perhaps too: in a short time Adolf Hitler and his niece became inseparable and 1929 They began living together in the apartment of a he, in Prinzregentenplatz.

Despite the nature of the relationship obviously incestuous, which he did not fail to arouse a stir, the two lovers did nothing to hide, rather, They did not lose opportunity, private and non, to appear in public close and happy.

The idyll lasted about two years, then something changed and the relationship between them cracked; it is said that Geli had expressed their intention to return to Vienna for groped a singing career operetta, but that his uncle was not at all agree.

The household it became unbearable, dotted with constant bickering, even violent, until the evening of 17 September 1931, while Hitler left the house for a political commitment, those present felt Geli, out of the window, contact your lover with these few words:

“Then, do not let me leave for Vienna?”


It was the curt reply.

That was their last, sparse dialogue: overnight Raubal, with uncle gun, he shot himself in the heart that

Unity Mitford

Unity Mitford

killed instantly, leaving his companion in despair to the point, tell the testimonies, he meditated suicide himself.

Fate did not prove less cruel against Unity Mitford, a nice English girl who moved to Berlin to be near the man she loved, the leader just.

Belonging to a pro-Nazi family and physical attractiveness were an extraordinarily effective passes to join the inner circle of the dictator friendships and the woman did not have to struggle much to become the lover.

The tragedy, or better, its beginning, It took place on 3 September 1939, day when Britain officially declared war on Germany; Unity, after hearing the news on the radio, He did not survive the blow and shot himself in the temple.

The shot does not killed, but irreparably injured the nerve centers, pinning her to a wheelchair, and by removing forever the use of the word.

Muta and unable to move, the unfortunate die in Unity 1948 after years of agony. (photo: e )