Lady of the '700 in the mirror

Lady of the '700 in the mirror

At the corte di Versailles personal hygiene was inconsistent.

Behind the splendor of environments, clothes and customs, lurked a dirt Modern unthinkable for us.

Despite the massive use of scents, that ended only worsen the situation, unpleasant odors were the norm and made those rooms magnificently frescoed, from the air nauseating places.

Just think of hair: the ladies hairstyles yes were processed up to capacity, enriched by ribbons, bows and frills of any kind, but created on hairstyles hopelessly dirty.

The hair was never washed and the whole court was a proliferation of lice.

Exactly: The guests of the palace housed in turn on their heads entire colonies of lice.

When the itching became unbearable, He is obviated scratching with a cue from the end in the shape of little hand and no matter who you are sitting in front of, so no one was scandalized. (Photo: