///Scappi: Recipe for Cook the bream

Scappi: Recipe for Cook the bream

Opera art of cooking of Scappi, 1570 (the www.taccuinistorici.it)

Opera art of cooking of Scappi, 1570 (the www.taccuinistorici.it)

is the Italian gastronomy It has always been much appreciated in the world, it is also due to its centuries-old tradition, rich fantasy, inventiveness and an endless succession of successful experiments.

This occurred mainly in ‘500, century saw in Italy a’ imposing flowering of cookbooks and recipe.

Opera art of cooking the papal chef and banquet organizer Scappi, It was one of the most innovative texts of Renaissance gastronomy.

In the book, published in 1570, Escape was not limited to teaching the preparation of sophisticated dishes, but she went so far as to suggest dietary advice that could be called modern and new methods of cooking food, come smattering e breading, two techniques that gave them more flavor and taste.

Opera art of cooking it contained, obviously, Also a lot of recipes, which, read today, oltre che divertenti si rivelano anche molto utili sotto il profilo storico, poiché ci aiutano a capire usanze, costumi e aspetti quotidiani di un certo tipo di società italiana cinquecentesca.

I find history of gastronomy particularly sympathetic to study and learn, Therefore we will deal at length on my blog, helping me with passages from the original texts, recipes included.

Here is a recipe on how to cook the sea bream Scappi:

“Piglinosi the fresh sea bream, scaglionsi [removing the scales] and levinosene gl'interiori. Ponganosi in an earthen vessel, with oglio, came, water, Agresto [vinegar], sale, pepe, cinnamon, saffron, prunes […] the winter, and the estade Cipolletti, gooseberry or verjuice and it to cook. In the last pongavisi a helping hand herbs jokes” (gives Opera art of cooking, Scappi, 1570).

Note the large use of spices e la capacità di saper adattare un piatto alle diverse stagioni e a quanto esse erano in grado di offrire (Photo gives: www.taccuinistorici.it).

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  1. stefano April 5, 2014 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    Ciao…..sarebbe bello aprire una trattoria……per poter degustare…..queste ricette. …..farlerivivere….”……

    • Maria Paola Macioci April 5, 2014 at 8:23 pm - Reply

      Buona idea! Trovo molto divertenti le ricette di cucina dell’antichità

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