Gabriel Garko in the part of Rudolph Valentino (foto da

Gabriel Garko in the part of Rudolph Valentino (foto da

Gabriel Garko He plays for the small screen Rudolph Valentino, myth of cinema and his first real sex-symbol.

Who better could Garko, in effect, pay the face of a famous actor remained so for extraordinary acting skills as a beauty out of the ordinary?

Not by chance Rudolph Valentino-The legend, the new fiction Channel 5, focusing on the physical and aesthetic qualities of the protagonist, told in key, it seems, decidedly unconventional, although this aspect does not represent hardly new, even for the historical miniseries, increasingly peppered with scenes bold and special spicy.

A demonstration of the fact that these devices would be able as nothing to arouse interest and increase’audience of the product, It contributes to the controversy a few days bounces in newspapers and sites web concerning a scene full nudity that Mediaset, with the opposition of the director, He would like to cut not judging it suitable to the public primetime; waiting to see who, at the end, will win the day, Briefly retrace the main stages of the life and career of Rudolph Valentino.

Son of the veterinarian and former cavalry captain Giovanni Guglielmi and former dancer Gabrielle, who gave him immediately the passion for dance, Rodolfo was born in the small Castellaneta, in Puglia, in 1895.

The childhood of the future Hollywood star was marked by the untimely death of his father, He died when he was only 11 years; a 18, strong unquestionable good looks and a more than decent dance skills, Rodolfo, like so many other young people of, He decided to groped their luck in America.

The early days were not easy and to escape poverty and the plight of immigrant, the boy also agreed to entertain women only paid, until it was noticed and began to spin from the first film appearance.

Fu The four horsemen of the apocalypse (1921) to give him the success he had always dreamed of and consecrated him as the greatest sex-symbol male '20s and beyond.

Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino

Not that it was good Rodolfo Guglielmi, now Valentino, but undoubtedly the beauty played a major role in his success as an artist: his gaze, Magnetic and ambiguous sensually, sent swooning women around the world.

And not only on the screen: the lovers of Rudolph Valentino were so many in life until, after a first flash marriage lasted only one month Jean Acker, in 1922 and again in 1923 After a charge of bigamy, married actress Natacha Rambova, a social climber and unscrupulous woman who heavily influenced his career.

That was very brief as his life: Rudolph Valentino, acclaimed and almost worshiped as a deity, died of complications of peritonitis only 31 years, a tragic end, sudden and even banal, that helped make him a global legend.

Halfway between biography and fiction, the fiction Channel 5 It aims to show the man rather than the character, to make known to the general public the vices and virtues of the person rather than the triumphs and the laurels of universal divo.

To do it, the miniseries uses a cast exceptional: Gabriel Garko as well as in the title role, also we mention Angela Molina (beloved mother Marie Gabrielle), Giuliana De Sio (Alla Nazimova), Asia Argento (Natacha Rambova), Dalila di Lazzaro (Nina Banzi) e Victoria Larchenko (Caterina). Photo: e )