///Seaweed Soap: Lose weight in the '30s

Seaweed Soap: Lose weight in the '30s

lose weight

a soap advertisement for Weight Loss

The thinness It is an imperative of our times exclusive beauty, but its many other eras.

in 30s of last century, cosmetic research he developed a new product that promised to fight the pounds so miraculous: the Seaweed Soap.

The massive advertising campaign that accompanied the launch of Article, He trumpeted an operating mechanism nothing short of amazing: the ingredients contained within the soap, especially algae, passing through the skin, they were able to eliminate or mitigate the unnecessary fat, allowing you to lose weight without any effort.

Needless to say, the effectiveness was zero, but at least there were no side effects (you see also http://www.pilloledistoria.it/6831/storia-contemporanea/crema-per-le-mani-alla-glicerina-ricetta-di-inizio-900) (Photo gives: google.it).

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